Coming soon, a store with a silly & ambitious vision:
save the fucking world, one profanity at a time.

Kinda. We're actually just a small group of do-gooders out to spread artistic messages of positivity, both loudly and confidently. The store will be selling limited edition merch (prints, apparel, etc.), but we're all volunteers, cover our own administrative costs, and proceeds are donated to various charitable projects & organizations. Shoppers decide where their support goes and are able to select from groups like:

We're not really posing our project as a solution to the problems facing the world, nor do we even think such grand solutions exist. We simply believe in doing shit we love, and that together we can all do big fucking things, even if it's in small steps.

Welcome to Positive Profanity.

We won't give your email to anyone, ever. We hate that shit, too.